Our Staff & Board

pecialist“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro

Our staff here at AFL is nothing if not passionate about family literacy.  It’s a requirement of the job.  If you lack a genuine interest in the student’s success, they will recognize it immediately.


Ms. Nancy Etheredge- Math Instructor:  Ms. Etheredge is a 30+ year teaching veteran of math and inspires our students to learn what most walk in the door thinking is impossible.   Two days a week she challenges these adult minds to stretch & bend until the look of  “I’ve got it!” streams across their faces.

Mrs. Adisha Chapman- Language, Social Studies, & Science Instructor:   Mrs. Chapman works on everything from basic language skills, social studies, government, and science principles to advanced writing and reasoning skills.  A day in her class leaves one either exhausted or exhilarated and both are acceptable outcomes.  She seeks to encourage interest as well as provoke thought.

Mrs. Stacie Chamberlin- Children’s Teacher & Data Entry Specialist:  Mrs. Chamberlin works with the children of our students.  Stacie enjoys reading to the children, doing art projects and she works on early literacy activities that are individually age appropriate for those attending.  We all say she gets to have all the fun when we see the kiddos projects.  Stacie tells us her job doesn’t feel like work at all. She gets to have fun with the kiddos and watch them grow.

After a morning of ABC’s, Stacie heads over to her office and manages the LACES data entry for our ABE grant and program charting. Her quick wit and love for children allow her to fit right at AFL!

Mrs. Leslie Kutz- Executive Director/Student Advocate:  Mrs. Kutz directs all aspects of the program from administration to head chauffeur on test day.   Passionate about giving a hand up, she spends one-on-one time with our adults to map out a strategy for achieving their goals as well as a plan for what comes after the GED.


President- Riley Seals, Director of Distribution at Dollar General Corp

Vice President- Ginny Little, Executive Director of The Reading Room

Secretary/Treasurer- Jenni Moen, Senior Associate Attorney at Baker Botts L.L.P. & Published Author

Joy McDaniel, President of Murray State College

Marcus High, Community Health & Access Coordinator for Mercy Health Ardmore

Andrea Anderson, Director of Marketing & Industry Relations at Ardmore Development Authority