Doing Whatever It Takes

Today, as I do Monday in my office I hear Mrs. Adisha Chapman go thru her subjects of the day.  First, there was Language, then Social Studies and now the earth’s crust is being scrutinized.  The students respond so well to her genuine care and quick wit.

In only her second year as a teacher, Adisha Chapman is no stranger to our organization.  In fact, it would be fair to say we owe much of our success to her interest in giving a hand up to these adults and their children.

Several years ago when the national Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy came calling in Ardmore, looking for those interested in helping improve the poor literacy skills, Adisha was among the first to sign on.  She was invited to assemble with other interested community members and form a board to get this thing off and running.  Her interest soon turned into leadership and she actually became the main driver behind what was to be called the Ardmore Barbara Bush Literacy Corp.

For four years Adisha served as the board president, head errand runner, HR manager, non-profit facilitator and financial assessor.  With the support of her fellow board of directors, she found staff, handled the set up of the 501c-3 and anything that was needed.   This got the program up and running successfully.

It was in the middle of year four when Adisha, still the board president got the call from me, the Executive Director.  Our language teacher had resigned three days into the new school year.  I was scrambling to find someone when she offered herself up to pitch in until we acquired someone.  She was more than qualified and I was relieved.  Again, doing whatever it took to see this program succeed.

After two weeks of searching for a replacement and also seeing her way with the students, I began to wish she would consider staying.  They were responding to her and she to them.  It seemed like a great fit.  She soon joined us as the Language, Social Studies and Science teacher and has been here since.

Some would say that what she does is not glamorous.  It certainly does not have huge financial perks but with Mrs. Chapman, you could never tell.  She enters her classroom each day with a genuine smile, a radar for nonsense and a hand up for anyone wanting it.  It would take me all week to relate the instances in which she has awed me with the opening of her heart to our students.  She can handle whatever comes at her with grace and I have no doubt that she is a great example for everyone who darkens our door.

I take great pride in having assembled a group as remarkable as what we have here at AFL.  All of our staff gives of themselves in a way that many of our students are not used to.  It leads to helping our students understand how valued they are and adds a whole group of cheerleaders to their sideline.  Mrs. Chapman is a large part of that and our adults adore her for it.

A big thank you to Mrs. Chapman for doing whatever it takes to see us thru, from the very beginning of this brave venture as Ardmore Barbara Bush Literacy Corp to our present life as Ardmore Family Literacy.  We look forward to many more successes together thru the years, or until she teaches her way out of a job!  #adultliteracygoals

Leslie Kutz

Executive Director, Ardmore Family Literacy

2 thoughts on “Doing Whatever It Takes”

  1. Thank you, Leslie. I am proud to be an instructor at AFL. I am inspired by the students who refuse to give up on themselves and their future, regardless of their past.


  2. Very thankful she stayed! Really helped me and gave me hope to pass my GED. Which I did and I thank you both for everything!


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